To keep up with the fast paced mobile world you must be one step ahead in optimizing your mobile applications and content. Let us put a glance on the trends below that mobile application specialists recommend for getting an edge over competition: 

Make your mobile content ready for voice search

Voice search is on the rise as mobile users are mostly on the go and typing while you are walking or travelling is a real pain. Moreover, in certain geographical areas this practice is increasing as their language is having more diacritical markers. Some people do it because it makes them feel they are more tech-savvy. As voice search queries are shorter and richer, you must focus on improving your content quality by writing with rich natural language.

Be quick and relevant to micro-moments

Micro-moments are intent-rich moments when people turn to a device to act on a need such as learn, discover, do, watch or buy something. Each micro-moment is a critical opportunity for you as a brand to shape your audiences’ decisions and preferences. Anticipate the micro-moments for users in your industry and get relevant to their needs and connect them to the answers they are looking for. Ensure that your mobile experience is fast and frictionless because those moments are real as well as fast.

Know your users’ mobile experience with test and trial

Human brain process images much faster than text and no wonder that images get more attention on search engine ranking pages. Therefore, track your URLs metrics and then change your website layout or design and observe user behaviour. Test, iterate and reiterate everything in your website to get closer to your audience.

Find out your audiences’ mobile motivations

It is important for you to know what motivates your audience to turn to mobile – curiosity for an unfamiliar topic, just for time pass, for gaining knowledge, for finding directions, to find contact information or just to escape from loneliness. By knowing the mind of your audience you can make your content ready accordingly.

Add structured data to your web page

To make your web pages more attractive and interesting in search results do Schema. It is a markup vocabulary for structured data and it takes the form of a code that web application specialists can add to web pages so that search engines can better understand what the pages are all about.

Stay tuned to these emerging trends to take your business to new heights!

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