Wouldn’t it be a sigh of relief for all business individuals and company professionals to identify the location of a problem they encounter in their IT infrastructure? I think it would be more than that. When technology enables your business to receive thorough and insightful analysis of a problem happening within their IT infrastructure, you get increased chance of finding the right solutions for the incidents that temporarily sabotage your healthy business structure.

This is where xMatters has come forward to help. Recently, xMatters has announced to make things better, easier and quicker for incident management system by purveying most sophisticated integration platform that ensures efficient communication connectivity through the intelligent technology advancement that supports DevOps adoption.

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The integration platform offered by xMatters can magically resolve the issues confronted by the most dynamic industries across the globe. The interesting part performed by xMatters in the matters of facilitating intelligent internal communication is its ability to deliver seamless communication structure and most precise notification alert service to instantly update the associated personnel engaged in the flow of the business essentials.

Intelligent communication from xMatters that prompts and alerts the individuals, leadership, teams and third-party service providers help accelerate business processes. Because of quality communication flow, people can work together to swiftly manage business scenario and recurring incidents like service outages and resultant errors and technical issues that greatly disturb the flow of routine business operations.

As stakeholders build, test and release new software, the integrated platform of xMatters supports DevOps implementations enabling them to communicate, collaborate and stay aligned. When companies embark upon releasing software at awesome speed, the platform makes sure there is availability of crucial information. This very provision of xMatters avoids the possibility of information getting leaked through weak loopholes or shared with unauthorized individuals, which may risk quality standards or compromise software delivery timing.

For individuals and teams to collaborate effectively and enhance the richness of their communication, xMatters integration platform combines modern and legacy systems and business processes by ensuring personalized communications. Here the concept of contextualization and automation of communication works at a greater scale within DevOps processes.

The benefits to reap from xMatters intelligent communication:
  • Delivers enterprise-class reliability, greater security and must needed scalability
  • Combines cloud flexibility with adaptability
  • Sustains IT infrastructure monitoring with IT alerting
  • Reduce the downtime by automating critical communication to schedule incident solutions and find the right person for the job.
  • Explore the maximum control to manage issues from any location with mature mobile apps
  • Offers closed-loop integrations to minimize the scope of errors in communication flow and form cohesive alert views
  • Helps filter your communication through different escalation channels to discover the right person of contact to resolve the outage
  • Studies and analyzes monitoring and service management systems to trigger fully automatic alerts

Many large enterprises have recognized the value of next-generation IT incident management tools and realized how intelligent communication tools can make their lives easier.

If IT literally forms the core of your business, the wisdom of intelligent communications can save IT team from the possible disaster.

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