Ways to grow the mobile presence to achieve the business goal
Mobile internet access has created a global mobile transaction economy that is developing at a remarkable rate. Today’s consumers want information ready and on the go. As a business owner it is advisable to produce an effective mobile presence to build the brand and sustain long lasting relationships with the customer.

Let us see how to grow the mobile presence in order to reach to the customers:

A basic mobile strategy: 
Defining a basic mobile marketing strategy is a very important factor for success and should never be neglected or hurried. The foremost measure towards any marketing strategy is defining one’s goal. Being sure of what the business requires and how to achieve it helps a great deal in analyzing the marketing strategy. Hence, as the mobile strategy is put together, it would be easier to decide between building a mobile website, or a native, custom app for mobile platforms.

Responsive websites:
  • Multi-platform compatibility (iOS, Android, Windows8 and Blackberry)
  • Easier and quicker to develop and can be easily updated
  • Can be found easily and crawled by search engines to improve search rankings
Native Mobile apps:
  • Takes an advantage of Smartphone functionality (e.g. camera, GPS, scanning capabilities)
  • Can be customized on a daily basis for regular usage
  • Gives and offline access to content or perform some functions without wireless connection
Designing for smaller screens:
Developing a substantial user experience is the backbone of any mobile strategy. It is significant to know the mobile audience and how they would navigate the site looking for information on the product or services offered.

When designing for a smaller screen, it is vital to break the web pages into small portions, since lengthy sections of texts are hard to read. It is good to have a single column of texts, so that the users don’t have to scroll the screen horizontally. Keeping the webpage simple and clean will allow the users to navigate on the go without difficulty, which in turn increases usability. Cutting down the content and focusing primarily on the essential data to provide the users with will be a good idea and makes it much easier to access the site.

Email Marketing:
Mobile devices are changing how and where people view their emails. Most of them access their mails on the mobile devices than on a desktop.  The majority of them delete the mails they can’t read on their phones while they are on the go. Optimizing the mails to be viewed on all the mobile devices to make sure the email marketing is reaching the targeted audience will be beneficial.

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