With different mobile platforms available, people prefer to continue the feel of specific platform features in the apps they use. Many app development forums are loaded with tips for creating platform specific experience in your custom application. These tips include everything from setting or using icon sets, gradients, size and weight for fonts. While developing custom apps you might require doing some tweaking instead of following best practices. With small changes in your originally perfect design such as arrows or buttons or corners of the frames, you can create rich user experience for particular device users. Read on this article in details to understand how you can make it perfect.

  1. Theme and functionality:- Menu is the prime user interface element in any app and it needs to be perfectly functional and easy to access. To give some uniqueness to your app, you can place it at some location where user can find it and at the same time it does not create any hindrance in app content.
  2. Imagery to reinforce theme:- List view imagery can enhance your theme as well as user experience. This way app screen becomes catchy and dynamic. Users can find things in less time by taking a look at such screens.
  3. Integrated headers:- Try to incorporate some navigational elements in the header side. This will make space for other important stuff and user to play around easily.
  4. Search bar:- Search bar is generally required in all apps. But its placement can disturb the layout and it can come up as disjoint element from the whole design elements set. It is required that your search bar blends well with other elements and is still distinctly visible to users.
  5. Sides of the screen usage:- Mobile devices has wide screens these days so you can experiment with side navigation scheme to utilize more space on the mobile screen. You can either place tabs or menu bars on either side of the screen.
  6. Simplicity increases usability:- Custom apps are designed for specific purpose so you are not required to cluster lot of functionality into it. Simple interface can do wonders for such apps as users find them very easy and get intuitive experience. However at the same time you must make them visually appealing too.
  7. Use different shapes:- It is not mandatory to have circular or rectangular buttons only. Think out of the box and utilize all shapes in your app. this will add the uniqueness feature of the app.
  8. Come out of the grid:- Surprise users by placing your elements in some not-so-normal way. For example, try placing images at different locations.
  9. Branding is important:- Consistency in the look and feel of your custom app on different mobile platforms is a must to create brand image of your business. You also must also adhere to company’s branding standards such as logo orientations, color combinations or even fonts. This will help users to connect to business while using the app on their smart phones.
Designing and developing custom apps is important function these days and you can add more quality to the app by following all above guidelines.

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